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Welcome to This is Halkirk, a Community Website about the village of Halkirk which is in the county of Caithness, Highland Region, Scotland.

If you are local or know the village and its community you'll be thinking to yourself (but there's nothing here about so and so, why not?) The probable answer is that we don't have any information about that subject, or that we are in the process of gathering the information to make it available on this site.

Feel free to get in touch with suggestions, or if you have a knowledge about a particular topic that you think should be included on This is Halkirk, write it down and send it to the Webmaster for consideration.

We aim to make information available about the village of Halkirk to anyone with a passing interest; local people, visitors, holidaymakers, ex-pats or persons thinking of moving to the area. Hopefully, whoever you are there will be something here for everyone.

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Halkirk Heritage & Vintage Motor Society
A project looking back at Halkirk's History.
Halkirk School Reunion
Hundreds of ex-Halkirk pupils returned to the scene of their crimes..??
Halkirk Gala Week
This annual event always manages to get the community together.
Halkirk Highland Games
The premiere sporting event in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.
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